At RFI we specialize in systematic production processes starting with raw material and ending with the finished goods.

-Heat Treatment

-Top Coat

-Thread Rolling

-Surface Treatment

-Cold Heading

RFI Specialty Coating Service

RFI offers many specialized coating services and they are done in house The coatings we provide include Zinc, GEOMET, and Torquer series of coatings which raise the efficiency of our fasteners

                                                            Coating Bolts

RFI Thread Rolling

RFI produces many different thread rolling types including thread types with proprietary end-shapes designed to increase efficiency, quality, and profitability for our customers;





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 RFI Cold Heading

The Cold Heading department has a wide variety of machine types to fit many applications and is capable of producing many types of head markings, projections, end shapes, head shapes, and shank types.

What We Do... 

Righway Fasteners provides a wide variety of quality fasteners to the Automotive Industry.  RFI specializes in Cold Forming, Thread Rolling, Heat Treatment, and Surface Treatment of high torque tension bolts, shafts, and pins(M8 - M24) as well as supplying a variety of specialty screws(M4 - M7) and other cold-formed parts to the automotive industry.

Established in 1991 on the basic principles of the Toyota Production System and through years of continuous improvement, RFI has developed unmatched expertise and competence in cold heading, heat treatment of fasteners and other metal parts.  We are committed to satisfying our customers, employees, and shareholders.  We take great pride in the quality of our products and strive to be good corporate citizens.

We are happy to see our efforts validated with the quality registrations we have received in relation to IATF 16949, as well as the fact we continue to grow and successfully supply some of the largest automotive companies in the world
ISO 14001 ISO 9001 IATF 16949